Saturday, February 19, 2011

One by Me(Jennifer) *Inspired from Imprinted Souls by Daniele Lanzarotta*

We grew as one yesterday
Even though before I knew it, you were gone
Why did you leave me
I was not ready to be done

Our lives had just begun
The days are so hard without you
I will never forget you
My nights have been so blue

Even when I shut my eyes
You are always there with me
My heart feels so empty
While I even traveled across the sea

I had to get away
My life needed to start
All over,even if it is without you
Especially with my heart

You will always be a part of my soul
As one...As one....

For eternity we will always be
As one...As one....

You whisper to me from time to time
I will not forget what we had
There is someone who has helped me
He is not all that bad

I need to feel alive again
He does this for me
Please understand my love
You will need to let it be

He shows me what I need
Maybe I am a little torn
You will always mean everything
I just need to be reborn

I need to feel whole again
As one...As one...

As one...As one...
Just one.........
 *Pic designed by Me(Jennifer)

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