Monday, February 21, 2011

Now by Me(Jennifer) *Inspired from Bloodlust by Daniele Lanzarotta*

I am back home now
Trying to get back to life
You appeared, but how
There I fainted into darkness

I have never been so more torn,until now
What am I going to do
My other half is gone,don't seem how
He had to leave me, but you are here

You want part of me
Is it only for my blood
I know the real you is still to be
If only I can find a way

Flipping through these pages
I know there has to be more
My heart is feeling a bit of rage
You have to be saved

Someone is always following me
Protection is what they say
Though,I doubt it is always to be
Why am I the one they need

I stay silent
For now...For now....

Only to see what needs to be
For now...For now....

My heart has a desire
Either you or him
I am feeling the fire
From all the pain

It is almost too much
Taking the bite
Was it as simple as such
I didn't know

My blood was to heal
So sorry my love
I thought I was a meal
Now I know

Everything is coming together
One by one
Even I can see her feather
The dark one

She shall not scare us
Maybe a little she does
Though, I will not make a fuss
I must keep it together

Saving the both of you
Will not be easy
I have a clue
It shall be me

Shhh...It has to be
For now...For now....

No tears for me
Not now...Not now....

Not now....................
Pic designed by Me(Jennifer)

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