Saturday, January 22, 2011

Find Me by Me(Jennifer) *It's a new one*

As I walk these cold days
I hold my heart heavy underneath me
The chill can make you cry
Where can you be

The sun can not even keep me warm
I try to look for your blue eyes
Rays of light shine but I can not see
Will you hear my cries

Shall I stop trying
Will you ever find me
I long for your touch
Are you by the sea

I want to feel free
Even to dance with you over the sea
Shall I wait to hear your voice
Can you find me

Oh! Can you find me..
Come and find me...

I seen you in my dreams tonight
Forever there you will be
Not wanting to wake
Afraid you will leave me

Burning desire is falling among me
Can you wake me from my dream
You are what I feel
Even through the light stream

Are you there on the other side
Will you wait for me
Leaving this place soon
Please wait by the sea

It will not be long for us
Just whisper to me
I will hear you, I promise
Can you find me

Oh! Can you find me..
Come and find me...

Will I find you.....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Give Me a Sign by Me(Jennifer)

This is one of my own things I wrote about a year ago.

It was so wrong of me to hide my emotions
Yet I can't break my wall down as you want me too
Will you ever understand my love for you

It is my weakness,oh my weakness
My love for you that I hide so dearly
Not wanting to have the pain, if you....
Oh! I can't dare to think of it

Could you,would you ever hurt me
I want you to show me ever so...
Will it ever be what we want
There has to be a way for us

Please give me a sign
Oh! Please give me a sign

You need me and I need you
Together we can have everything
Earth,Wind,Fire,and Water
All of it,if you just let me

How can I show you what I feel
There has to be a way for us
Hold my hand until the end
Break my wall,please break it

I am so willing to go with you
Can you walk with me too
I need for you to show me
Are you willing as much as I am

Please,give me a sign
Oh! Please give me a sign

I am standing here waiting for you
The moonlight shinning down on me
This cool breeze flowing through my hair
Feeling this sensation on my skin

Oh! Can it be what I am asking for
Is it my sign I am longing for
From heaven above,OH!
It must be it,it has to be it

As I wait to hear from you
Will you feel the same
Can I break my wall to show you
Will you receive the sign too

We so shall see in the days ahead
I am patiently waiting for you
My heart will wait for you
Will you be there.....We shall see....
We shall see....

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