Friday, January 21, 2011

Give Me a Sign by Me(Jennifer)

This is one of my own things I wrote about a year ago.

It was so wrong of me to hide my emotions
Yet I can't break my wall down as you want me too
Will you ever understand my love for you

It is my weakness,oh my weakness
My love for you that I hide so dearly
Not wanting to have the pain, if you....
Oh! I can't dare to think of it

Could you,would you ever hurt me
I want you to show me ever so...
Will it ever be what we want
There has to be a way for us

Please give me a sign
Oh! Please give me a sign

You need me and I need you
Together we can have everything
Earth,Wind,Fire,and Water
All of it,if you just let me

How can I show you what I feel
There has to be a way for us
Hold my hand until the end
Break my wall,please break it

I am so willing to go with you
Can you walk with me too
I need for you to show me
Are you willing as much as I am

Please,give me a sign
Oh! Please give me a sign

I am standing here waiting for you
The moonlight shinning down on me
This cool breeze flowing through my hair
Feeling this sensation on my skin

Oh! Can it be what I am asking for
Is it my sign I am longing for
From heaven above,OH!
It must be it,it has to be it

As I wait to hear from you
Will you feel the same
Can I break my wall to show you
Will you receive the sign too

We so shall see in the days ahead
I am patiently waiting for you
My heart will wait for you
Will you be there.....We shall see....
We shall see....

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