Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Kiss ( Inspired from Nicholas in the Imprinted Souls Series by Daniele Lanzarotta)

Am I seen as weak
Though little they know
She has to be the one to seek
Me that is,can she

I have what it takes
She just has to be the one to do it
Break my wall for her sake
She is strong,yet she has no clue

I have to keep it hidden
So that is why there is others
It may seem forbidden
Those others don't mean nothing

Do you think I have no heart
I want to feel just a little
I knew this from the start
The day I sat beside her

There on my bed
She was right there and I knew
I had it visioned all in my head
I froze for merely a second

That was all it took
Why didn't I just do it
I wanted to raise my head to look
To find her lips

Just for that one kiss
Only one kiss...Only one kiss...

Will I get another chance
I handed her over to the dark one
Without even getting to dance
It's like a game, really

She has others who want her heart
I know I can give her more
Will it tear her apart
Frustrated I am over this

I have a plan to turn
She is what I want
It even has to burn
Deep inside me

I must take her as mine
To give her the pleasure
There maybe a fine line
Between what I want,but what she can have

Having to be reborn
It's not a total curse
Depends on how you are scorn
Like I am perceived

I don't show everything of me
That is why she has to break my wall
She is the one to be
If I am wrong, then I might be damned once again

If only I went for the kiss, to see
Only one kiss...Only one kiss...

Just that one kiss...
Could have I known...Will I ever know......

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